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Senior Iranian clergymen and conservative press condemn murder of Shiite clerics in Egypt

Friday, 28 June 2013

  • “Morsi’s inefficiency and Egypt’s instability” Jomhuri-e Islami editorial titled, “Extinguish the Fire of Extremism” maintains that the United States and Israel are trying to sow sectarian conflict in Egypt. “The martyrdom of several Egyptian Shiites at the hands of extremists (Sunnis) and Salafis, once again demonstrates Morsi’s incompetence and Egypt’s instability.” He reviews the details of the event and asks why Egyptians would commit such a “crime.” Jomhuri-e Islami argues that “It is expected from Al-Azhar University that, through the implementation of strong and precise plans, it would get to the root of extremism in Egypt and make a culture of moderation prevail over this country…  Muhammad Morsi government’s inaction in the face of extremism and the indifference of Al-Azhar officials in the face of the Salafist and excommunicated current is exactly what America and the Zionists want.”
  • Keyhan: Morsi’s policies encourage murder of Shiites  Hossein Shariatmadari (reflects the Supreme Leader’s line of thought) wrote an editorial titled,  “Remember That You Are Indebted!” He refers to the Salafis as “the mercenaries of the Zionists” to whom the United States and its allies allegedly provide arms, logistics and political support. He adds, “This Sunday’s horrible crime (murder of Egyptian Shiite cleric Sheikh Hassan Shahate and three of his followers) occurred following the Salafis’ humiliating defeat in Syria. …following this defeat, the mission of supporting the terrorists in Syria has been assigned to Egypt, where the Salafi paper tigers took revenge for Israel’s and America’s defeat in Syria from the innocent Egyptian Shiites.” Shariatmadari also criticizes Egyptian President Morsi for his decision to sever relations with Syria and concluded that through his and his government ill-considered positions and actions, he had a role in encouraging the Salafis to commit the recent crime against the Shiites.

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Friday, 28 June 2013
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