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Citizens complain of government’s ineffectiveness regarding supply of drugs

Friday, 12 July 2013

Asre Iran has run yet another article that relates extensively to the shortage of drugs in Iran and summarizes dozens upon dozens of comments and letters from the website’s readers who share their personal experiences:

  • My sister and I have diabetes. Until a month ago, we would buy insulin for 6,000 tomans, and this month the price increased to 12,000 tomans. The price of equipment to test blood sugar was 35,000 tomans per unit, and this month it cost 45,000 tomans. And all of this in addition to the expenses for medication for my father who suffers from heart disease! Our family spends 300,000 tomans a month on drugs, and this doesn’t include payments to doctors, etc.
  • I need a drug for my ulcer called bismuth. It’s not an expensive drug and is also produced in Iran. However, they told me that because there are no raw materials, production of the drug has stopped.
  • My wife takes a drug against blood clots that was very common in all pharmacies, but we have not been able to find it recently. Who will take responsibility if my wife has a heart attack because of the shortage of this drug?
  • We need to talk about the quality of the drugs. My son almost died because he took liquid antibiotics!
  • I went to all the pharmacies in town to buy the spray I use for asthma, but it’s not to be found!
  • I am a cancer patient and must receive an injection of Sandostatin every month. But the drug has not been available for three months. We are begging for help. In the past, we could find the drug on the free market for 4 million tomans, but now it’s not available and can’t be found anywhere.
  • I’m a doctor. There is not only a shortage of drugs for chronic diseases. Iran’s biggest problem at the moment is the shortage of drugs for infectious diseases and common diseases. There are many drugs that are rationed, and a serious shortage of them is felt in the smaller cities, not only in Tehran and the big cities.


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