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“Chaotic situation surrounding Saudi royal family has seriously confused US Administration”

Friday, 9 August 2013

Resalat editorial titled, “Obama’s doubts with Al-Saud” maintains that the chaotic situation surrounding the Saudi royal family has seriously confused Obama and other American officials. In such circumstances, the Al-Saud family is also worried that one day the USA may suddenly stop supporting them. This pattern was repeated with all of its “regional agents,” including Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and Ali Abdallah Salih… “Riyadh is seriously anxious regarding the current developments in the Middle East… seriously concerned by the spread of regional uprisings in Yemen and Bahrain, but now this has happened… Dissatisfaction of the young people with Al-Saud’s policies is increasing daily. The young people’s dissatisfaction with the economic situation, including poverty and unemployment, has increased in one of the richest countries of the world and has turned into a political time bomb whose possible explosion threatens the Saudi regime at any moment.”

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  • Published: 87 days ago on Friday, 9 August 2013
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