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Rouhani: US officials still do not fully grasp the Iran’s realities

Friday, 9 August 2013

(responding to CBS question) [The presidential election was a very serious and meaningful action, which has not yet received an appropriate and practical response from the US officials… The recent White House statement indicates that certain US officials still do not fully grasp Iran's realities, the election, and this honorable nation's message…their] behavior and words are contradictory. And their messages, in words and action, are contradictory too. Unfortunately, a pressure group in the US, which is a warmongering group and is against constructive talks is after the interests of a foreign country and mostly receives its orders from that foreign country (probably referring to Israel) ….The interests of one foreign country and one group have been imposed on the members of the US Congress. And we can see that even the interests of the United States are not considered in such actions. The basis for the government of prudence and hope (Rouhani’s key slogan during his campaign) is national consensus and the firm intent of the Iranian nation in protecting its rights through constructive and practical interaction. What matters to us is a practical response from the US government, not statements. We will monitor all the actions of the US government meticulously. If there are practical, constructive and meaningful measures, the Iranian Government will definitely offer a similar and proportionate response. (CNN question) – repeats answer and adds “In general, I am not pessimistic about the prospect of talks… I do not want to say whether or not there is a hidden division of labor between the American Congress and the government. But, what we care about is America’s practical policy.”

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  • Published: 68 days ago on Friday, 9 August 2013
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