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Key points from Rouhani’s address to the Majlis defending his proposed ministers:

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


  • We all know that our country is now in a dire economic and social situation and the international pressures targeting the economy have added to them….the issue is not  if sanctions have been effective or not. The issue is that if the method chosen by the West is right and a resolution for an international problem.
  • We have witnessed a considerable growth of imports ../../../../css/made_by_direct_or_indirect_oil_revenues.css; despite numerous foreign sanctions…we needed to make more use of our abundant oil revenues
  • Underlines the need for boosting the private sector
  • Securing financial resources for the subsidies program and overcoming any delay in the payment of subsidies and ensuring the availability of basic goods required by the people, regulating relations between the manufacturing units, banks, customs and other related official machinery for smooth functioning of banking and commercial institutions, making efforts for realistic implementation of 2013-14 budget considering the non-realization of considerable revenues are among the issues which require a group of ministers and vice-presidents that could immediately work towards the implementation of these programs.
  • Reduce liquidity growth; so that the speed of inflation will be controlled.
  • Second phase of targeted subsidies plan must be implemented more efficiently

Foreign policy

  • Adopting and implementing a (foreign) policy based on moderation. Moderation means creating a balance between the ideal and reality in shaping the realities towards the ideal…The realization of moderation in foreign policy …is a realistic, self-confident, balanced, wise, (through) interaction, constructive, and thoughtful move for improving the position, dignity, security and developing the country.
  • No place for extremism In the discourse of moderation, there will be no place for extremism
  • Preventing the increase of tension in fields of vital interests, creating mutual trust, and in short, effective and constructive interaction with others is the main axis of the government’s general plans in foreign policy. An effective and constructive interaction… will take place based on mutual respect and mutual interests and equal stance (of both sides).
  • Reviving and showing a desired feature of the Islamic system internationally.
  • Careful thought and action use skilful and competent people, to empower foreign policy system…Foreign Policy is not the sphere for personal scuffles, media hype and party disputes. FP needs order in words and speech, planning and adopting coherent, balanced, considered and comprehensive stances and a careful and skilful implementation… FP is a decision-making sphere and decision making requires careful thought and action. Even a little carelessness will harm national security and in some case it can cause irreparable damages.

Internal policy 

  • Executing all the principles of the Constitution, and particularly chapter three of the Constitution. Citizen’s rights, inadequacy of general awareness about the rights, freedom and conditions of fulfilling them… fundamental requirement of re-establishing public trust…
  • Creating political peace for economic, social and cultural activists, peaceful coexistence of people from all religions and ethnic groups across the dear Islamic Iran
  • Guaranteeing the rule-by-the-people aspect of the Islamic Republic’s system
  • Protect the culture and national-religious identity… protect the cultural diversity and plurality
  • Use the capacities of information and communication technologies to realize the cultural goals of the regime.

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