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Rouhani’s broken promises on the integration of women

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Prominent Iranian women’s rights activist Susan Tahmasebi (photo) welcomed Elham Aminzadeh’s appointment as vice president for legal affair and termed it a positive step. Tahmasebi, however, says it still falls short of her expectations of Rouhani’s presidency. Tahmasebi underlined that “It is women’s right to have female ministers appointed as well… Ahmadinejad introduced three female ministers, one of whom was even approved by the Majlis. We expected more from Rouhani, especially since he came in promising to have a positive view on women’s issues, whereas all eight years of Ahmadinejad’s presidency was marked with serious setbacks for women.” The issue has also attracted much criticism from Iranian women’s activists. The Association of Women Journalists responded by holding a press conference under the banner “Women’s role in a government of prudence and hope” (slogan used by Rouhani during his campaign). Those attending included the Association’s secretary-general Jaleh Faramarzian; Zahra Nejadbahram, also active in the League of Reformist Women; human rights lawyer and editor of Women’s Rights magazine Ashraf Geramizadegan; Zohreh Alipour, Iran’s first female provincial governor and managing director of the Association of Progressive Women; and Fatemeh Ashrafi, director of the Iranian Association for the Promotion of Women’s Rights. Speeches covered various topics, including the need for women’s voices to be heard in political decision-making forums, laying the foundations for women’s participation in socio-political structures, and the Rouhani government’s strategy on women’s rights.


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