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New FM: we should pursue Iran’s nuclear rights

Monday, 19 August 2013

Mohammad Javad Zarif, in an interview with the journal Iranian Diplomacy — run by former Deputy Foreign Minister and advisor to President Khatami Sadegh Kharazi shed some light on Iran’s foreign policy guidelines :


  • We should pursue Iran’s nuclear rights “We have had numerous discussions in the government with the President with regards on how we should pursue Iran’s nuclear rights and remove the oppressive sanctions…Our basis for work is insisting on Iran’s rights and removing the logical concerns of the international community. As the Supreme Leader and the President himself have reiterated, this is easy, provided that the objective is the resolution of the nuclear issue. We believe that the resolution of the nuclear issue requires political determination, and the election of Dr. Rohani …with his record in this dossier, indicates that the people ofIran demand the resolution of the nuclear issue at the appropriate time. We hope that this political determination for the resolution of the nuclear issue also exists on the other side. In that case, we do not have any concerns about reassuring the world of the peacefulness of our nuclear program for, based on the “fatwa” of the Supreme Leader and Iran’s strategic needs, nuclear weapons have no place in our national security…”


  • Transfer of the nuclear dossier from the SNSC to the Foreign Ministry I have not heard anything about this issue. This is a decision that is within the domain of the President’s authority. Nevertheless, considering my experience in this case, I will make efforts to help in the advancement of this issue no matter what responsibility I might have. But decisions with regard to how we should pursue the nuclear dossier and the form and framework of negotiations are made at the higher levels of our political system (please see below Nuclear dossier taken from SNSC, handed over to the foreign ministry)


  • Bilateral talks with the US  The Supreme Leader issued his opinion with regard to these negotiations several times…the question is what issues will be discussed…The issue is whether…the US administration is ready to stand against the pressure groups…In fact, this issue is a test for the US administration to show its readiness to play a serious role in finding a solution… In Iran, the election of Mr. Rohani shows that the people have decided to have constructive interaction with the world and, through his speeches and choices, Mr. Rohani has also displayed his political determination to do so.

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  • Published: 57 days ago on Monday, 19 August 2013
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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    • http://www.irdiplomacy.ir/en/page/1919990/US%E2%80%99+Turn+to+Show+Its+Political+Determination.html; http://www.mehrnews.com/detail/News/2117922

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