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Fars editorial: What if the government’s flexibility is not heroic or intelligent

Monday, 23 September 2013

An editorial in IRGC-affiliated conservative news agency Fars discusses the latest decree of the Supreme Leader regarding “heroic flexibility” as performance guidelines for President Rouhani and Iran’s foreign policies. According to Fars, Iran’s diplomatic system has operated on the logic of heroic flexibility and cautious relations in the past, occasionally earning a good grade and occasionally a failing one! The fact that the Supreme Leader saw it necessary to emphasize this aspect at three different opportunities proves that this issue, which is always necessary, has recently been misinterpreted. The question is now what will happen if the new government and Mr. Rouhani fail to properly understand the meaning of the Supreme Leader’s recommendation in foreign policy and fail to successfully implement it. What will happen if events occur if the possible flexibility of Mr. Rouhani and his government fail to be heroic? Unfortunately, in recent weeks, diplomatic incidents have occurred that cannot be called heroic or intelligent. For example, recent statements made by President Rouhani regarding Obama’s message being beneficial, statements made under circumstances that Mr. Obama subscribes the greatest modern threats against Iran’s interests. Another example is a useless interview and general statements of our new president on American network NBC, which is not, in principle, a news network. The expression of a desire and mutual interest with the Saudi monarch to resolving the world’s problems while everyone knows that the Saudi rulers are themselves the main problem in the Islamic world. The Foreign Minister’s indirect criticism of Holocaust deniers, all of these as well as others are ringing a warning bell that the government and Mr. Rouhani himself are failing to correctly interpret the issues and that some of their materializations will not be heroic! One must understand that if the materializations occur from a weak and not heroic position, who will pay the price for the weakness and lack of heroism of these materializations. Another consequence of a non-heroic materialization will be the superiority that imperialism will feel, just as was the case in the past.

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