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“Missile built by IRGC especially for the Americans”

Thursday, 7 November 2013

In an article titled “The Missile built by the IRGC Especially for the Americans”, Fars reports that Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam (was in charge of IRGC’s weapons and military equipment self-sufficiency program and considered the “father of the Iranian missile program” who was killed years ago in a mysterious explosion in the IRGC missile depot) wanted to build a missile with a 800km range, similar to the Shahab 1, that could destroy American targets in Iran’s proximity. Fars adds that the IRGC frequently announced that should Iranian territory be attacked, the short-range, mid-range and long-range ballistic missiles of the IRGC would fall in great numbers on the heads of the Americans and Zionists.” These missiles and rockets can reach a range anywhere from 150km to thousands of kilometers. According to senior IRGC commanders, they can destroy the aggressive military units (Americans) on land and in the sea. In addition, the presence of dozens of US army bases in Iran’s proximity (both in the Gulf and in neighboring countries) have placed the Americans within Iranian missile range so that long-range missiles, such as the Sejil, Qadr and Shahab 3, are not even needed. According to the IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the IRGC can manufacture long-range missiles with ranges reaching thousands of kilometers to harm the “occupied territories” (Israel) in the event of war. The IRGC has achieved the range it needs in ballistic missiles. He discussed the role of Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam in upgrading Iran’s missile capability and added that he felt the need for a long-range 800km missile, particularly for American targets, and not a missile with size and range of the large rockets. Shahid Moghaddam thought about a missile with an 800km range the size of the Shahab 1. The new missile, called GHIAM (uprising) with an 800km range, was the first missile by Shahid Tehrani Moghaddam and one of its goals was the “destruction of American bases and interests around Iran.” Shahid Tehrani Moghaddam was someone who believed “until a direct war with Israel, we must bite our tongues and wait.” He was someone who wanted his tombstone to read “Here is the man whose wish was to destroy Israel.” Related: Entire region in range of Tehrani Moghadam’s missiles

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  • Published: 14 days ago on Thursday, 7 November 2013
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