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Nuclear talks not yet a matter of national interest in Iran

Friday, 8 November 2013

In an interview with Asre Iran, former head of the Department of American Affairs and former Ambassador to Austria and Greece Mehdi Mohtashami said that as a result, extreme political groups are weakening Iran’s nuclear negotiating team. He expressed support of the latest position of the Supreme Leader, who expressed support of the negotiating team and the hope that the Supreme Leader’s warning against extremist groups (which are trying to sabotage the negotiations) will result in their silence and thereby prevent the creation of diplomatic obstacles to the Rouhani government.  Mohtashamipour compares the importance of the nuclear file to nationalization of the oil industries and even claims that in light of Iran’s position today, there has never been an issue with such strategic importance. In light of the amount of international resistance that is trying to prevent a resolution of the Iranian nuclear case, it is not fair that inside Iran, people say what they want against the negotiating team, thereby weakening them. He claims that he knows FM Javad Tarif well, since they were  young. Tarif was raised in an deeply believing family and studied in a top Islamic school. He always earned the support of the regime, both inside and outside Iran. He is a man of deep conviction and is known around the world as a top expert. Tarif adheres to the Iranian regime’s ideology and knows how to act. Tarif is the IRGC’s best expert and knows how to act in this sensitive situation. There should be no doubt as to the fact that Tarif and his colleagues are protecting Iran’s interests in the nuclear talks.

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  • Published: 13 days ago on Friday, 8 November 2013
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