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Iranian FM claims that internal disputes in Western negotiating team prevented agreement

Monday, 11 November 2013

FM Tarif reported on his Facebook page (that includes photos from the negotiating room and consultations with the Iranian team) prior to his return to Tehran and at the end of the round of talks: Over the past three days, we conducted sensitive and intensive talks in Geneva, particularly on Friday afternoon, when the Foreign Ministers of the 5+1 rushed to Geneva one after the other. The reason for their arrival was the fact that the talks had become serious and thus was revealed differences in positions within the 5+1 group, particularly the Western members of the group. Precisely for this reason, Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov and acting Chinese Foreign Minister arrived in the later hours of Saturday. The talks today are currently being conducted among the 5+1 themselves. We also conducted several prolonged rounds with various ministers, concluding with a two-hour meeting with all ministers. The talks were serious by nature but the atmosphere was extremely respectful. There was an opportunity to reach an agreement with most members of the 5+1. In any case, there was need fro everyone to agree, and as you have heard public statements by ministers, one of the delegations had a slight problem. He also mentioned the press conference given with Ashton in which he emphasized  the “good and relevant atmosphere pervading the talks.” “I’m not disappointed at all because the meeting we just had, very long, running after midnight, was a good meeting. We are working together and hopefully we will be able to reach an agreement when we meet again”

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