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“Our FM is a puppet, all strings are being pulled by someone else”

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A biting satirical article on opposition website khodnevis by Obaid San-Khouzani: “Atonement for the man of understanding” I absolutely loved what Zarif said. He is right. You can’t ride a camel with a bent back. In all countries, all that the governments have is real and realistic, but with us (in Iran) it only exists in cartoons. This is how the foreign minister must behave – speak the truth, have understanding. A serious person. It is impossible to ride a camel with a bent back. He tells himself, it is better for me to say it once and not have to suffer for nine months (Persian proverb meaning that it is better to say No at the beginning and spare us the repercussions later on), a war at the start is better than peace in the end. And this guy has already said from the start the final word and that’s that! Now the ball has fallen in the lot of the biggest one of all. He should do what he wants. He prefers to make clear declaration of his authorities.  When US Secretary of State Kerry asked Zarif to discuss Syria, Zarif, apparently gently, with a smart, deep glance looked at Kerry and said with full honesty and candor “I don’t have the authority,” and what he wanted to say was “Kerry, really, how stupid are you….?” I loved what Zarif said. In all other countries, governments have real, realistic matters. Here, we have cartoons (photo shows a carbon copy of the issue. They have presidents with full authority. We have a president with no authority. He cannot replace his ministers. He cannot visit prisons. Some European countries have kings but he does not have any authority. Here, we have an omnipotent Supreme Leader, who, in addition to his legal authorities which are all-encompassing, also perceives himself to be above the law and occasionally issues fatwas here and there. At least God knew who this is and took one hand from him (Khamenei’s hand was injured in a attack by the Mujahideen-e Khalq). Imagine what kind of fire he would light if he had two hands. What is the foreign minister? What does Kerry think, that this is the US and this poor man is Obama? Our FM is only an illusion. All of the strings are being pulled by someone else.”



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  • Published: 2 years ago on Thursday, 6 February 2014
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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    • https://khodnevis.org/article/55183#.UvJYX_l_uSr

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