Iran in Africa
While Tehran is handing out countless economic promises and boasting about the “end of western capitalism and colonialism,” the negative effects of an increasing Iranian presence in Africa are already becoming apparent. Iran takes advantage of its new “friends” to propagate its extremist anti-western foreign policy, spread terrorism, deal in crime and incite civil unrest (read full report).

Cultural oppression in Iran
Ever since Ahmadinejad became president of Iran in 2005, and even more so since his controversial reelection in 2009, the Iranian regime has been increasingly worried about a possible cultural change in Iran, which might eventually destabilize the regime. For this reason, the regime has been cracking down on every kind of artistic or cultural expression that is not deemed sufficiently Iranian and Islamic. Artists, filmmakers and actors, academics, intellectuals and authors all suffer the heavy-handed oppression of the Iranian regime (read full report).

Oppression of Workers in Iran
The Iranian government is controlling every aspect of society and restraining women’s rights, academic freedom, opposition movements and the working poor. The regime’s heavy hand does not spare Iranian workers, whose basic rights – including the right to unionize – are either limited or outright denied (read full report).