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Senior Iranian analyst: West trying to implement “Syria is the Arab Kosovo” plan; warns that military intervention will make the region “explode” and lead to Israel’s destruction

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

In an interview with Fars News Agency, a senior Iranian expert on Middle East affairs, Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini, emphasized the failure of the “Western and Arab plot to bring down Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria” and discussed a new scheme by the enemy opposition against Damascus. According to Al-Hosseini, the plan, referred to as “Syria… Kosovo of the Arabs” is a hostile plan designed to trigger religious, ethnic, racial and military war against Syria. He does not rule out that the same armed groups in Syria that “stop as nothing, even shooting young children and infants, will try to foster the unrest in Syria and will attack Palestinian refugee camps or the graves of the prophets (Syria is home to several Shiite holy sites such as Zaynab, the granddaughter of the prophet Mohammad) or even churches.” Al-Hosseini further stated that the goal of the armed groups is to frighten the Syrian people and trigger a war of attrition against the regime that supports the opposition. Referring to the possibility of military intervention in Syria, Al-Hosseini stressed that military intervention in Syria would “result in the explosion of the entire eastern Arab and Islamic region.” He further stated that against the backdrop of military intervention, the people of the region cannot sit quietly, and they will intervene with everything they can and “will lead to the destruction of the main schemer of the region, Israel.”

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