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Senior cleric echoes Khamenei’s threat to level Tel Aviv and Haifa with 2500 km long-range missiles

Friday, 28 June 2013

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, member of the Assembly of Experts and a Tehran Friday prayer leader, said that if the US and Israel commit “insane acts” or in the case of the “slightest aggression”  against Iran, “their interests would be in danger… We have long-range 1,500 km missiles (Fars news reported 2500 km long-range missiles) and have explicitly announced that any aggression by Israel against Iranian soil would result in leveling/razing Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground… We don’t fear anyone.” Iranian political and military leaderships continue to echo Khamenei’s new Persian year message threatening   to level Tel Aviv and Haifa. Khatami also reiterated Khamenei’s commitment to support Palestinian organizations operating against the “Zionist regime” (Israel). Khatami added that Iran’s ongoing confrontation with the “world’s argent powers” is not about nuclear power (Islamic law does not recognize atomic bomb) and human rights which only serve as an excuse for religious struggle against the Islamic Republic, which started after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. “Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution every conflict (initiated) by the global hegemony has been over the issue of religion.”

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  • Published: 92 days ago on Friday, 28 June 2013
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