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Khamenei: Iran needs larger population with its natural capacity and special political geography

Friday, 1 November 2013

Khamenei’s message to the National Conference on Population Change and Its Role in Various Transformations of Society. Key points:

  • Iran needs more population with its natural capacity and special political geography …. I still believe that our country is not a 75 million citizen’s country; our country is a 150 million….”
  • Why has the marriage age increased? Does a seventeen, eighteen, nineteen year old not need to extinguish their sexual desire and sexual instinct?
  • When we consider a family struggling with four or five kids, you should also think about their contribution for the country’s advancement when they grow up and find work and occupation.”
  • There is a mistaken tendency to imitate the Western or European way… How is it that an Iranian family who wants to emulate it must only have one or two children?”


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  • Published: 3 days ago on Friday, 1 November 2013
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