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Supreme Leader representative in the IRGC emphasizes the advantages of asymmetrical warfare against the US; IRGC Quds Force helps Islamic organizations worldwide

Thursday, 30 January 2014

image010At a press conference held to mark the Ten Days of Dawn (in February), Hojat al-Islam Ali Saeedi  , the Supreme Leader’s representative in the IRGC, discussed the accomplishments and repercussions of the Islamic revolution in soft power and the role of the IRGC in defending the soft power of the revolution as well as the fight against the cultural onslaught. Saeedi discussed the reasons for the hostility of the imperialism regime (US) towards the Islamic Revolution and said that the hostility to the revolution is directly proportional to the depth and spread of that revolution (around the world). It is only natural that the Islamic revolution, which has continually fought against imperialism and evil, will have many enemies. When later asked about the latest US threats, and the soft power of Iran and the IRGC to prevent these threats, Saeedi said that our war with the regime of imperialism is asymmetric warfare but identity, motivation and will are what balances the aysmetric warfare. Faith is an influential factor that changes the balance in the battle field. Experience has proven that use of will and faith can destroy the most advanced and powerful equipment of the enemy. Saeedi was asked about the role of the IRGC in defending the Islamic Revolution in the international arena, and said that in this arena, the IRGC is working within the confines of the Quds  Forces to protect the suppressed people of the world, to reinforce religious and spiritual basis as well as to increase awareness and expose enemy plots. The revolution’s enemies have used various instruments such as disconnection of Iranian channels from satellites to prevent the voice of the revolution from being heard in the US and Europe.

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