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Asriran mocks Ahmadinejad for suggesting ways of healing the world, while the Iranian economy is foundering

Monday, 25 June 2012

Asriran‘s editorial appeals to “Our President, Doctor Ahmadinejad,” who participated in the Rio+20 summit inBrazil and suggested seven ways to heal the world in his speech. This is not the first time in the past seven years that our President has suggested different ways to fix and improve the global situation at international summits. Of course, we have absolutely no problem with this as it stands, the only problem is that the majority of ways he proposes to fix the global situation are good ways to ignore the pressing problems and crises on the domestic front. It is a good thing to fix the way the world is run, and global citizens and international activists are indeed working to this end and are trying to carry out this important task. However, it is important for governments initiating such moves to implement similar actions in their own countries as well. The author does not feel that Ahmadinejad’s government has earned a very good reputation in this respect. To prove this claim, it suffices to list just some of the many never-ending problems faced by the Iranian people with respect to economic, social, political, cultural, educational, health and environmental issues, and to ask Mr Ahmadinejad:

  • Air pollution – Can a government, which despite dozens of plans and considerable wasted funding, has not yet managed to find a solution to the problem of air pollution in its large cities, claim to have a solution to global problems?
  •   Price increases – How can a government unable to limit the price of basic goods and services in its local market and to control inflation and price hikes that are crippling its public, claim to be able to run the world?
  • Drug addiction – What comprehensive plans and solutions has Ahmadinejad’s government proposed in the seven years of its existence to solve the many inter-related social problems such as drug addiction, which is unfortunately one of the most serious problems in Iranian society? Learned doctor! Please find a way to solve this problem too.
  • Unemployment is strangling the public – Many Iranian families are suffering from the plague of unemployment, which is leading to despair and lack of hope among young people, for whom even academic studies do nothing to make finding employment easier. If Mr. Ahmadinejad is proposing seven ways to solve the world’s problems, we would be grateful if he would prepare a prescription for this domestic problem as well.
  • The brain-drain and negative emigration – What plans has the distinguished government prepared to reduce the process of emigration, especially among academics and professional experts? Does the annual emigration of tens of thousands of educated and wealthy Iranians abroad not cause irreparable harm toIran?
  • Traffic congestion in Tehran and other large cities – Mr. Ahmadinejad is a qualified traffic engineer, and our minimum expectation is for him to find some solution to the serious problem of congestion and transport inTehran and several other large cities, so that those living in the cities will not waste several hours a day in heavy traffic jams.
  • Huge burden on the public in medical services – The Minister of Health recently announced that Iranians have to pay close to 70% of their medical expenses out of their own pockets. What has our government done during these seven years to reduce this amount? Especially since one of Ahmadinejad’s main slogans was “justice and honesty.”

If Dr. Ahmadinejad can find a solution to just these seven problems, and succeed even partially, there is no doubt that the world will relate more positively to his proposals to solve global problems. Otherwise, just by waking up on one side of the globe, going to the other side, and claiming that he has the answers will do nothing to heal the problems of ordinary people.

Comments by readers:

  • Find a solution to the problem of prices in Iran, and we’ll let you off solving global problems!!! (a comment with over two thousand ‘Likes’)
  • Cherries, USD 6.5

One dollar = 1,850 Tomans (18,500 Rials)
Apples, USD 3.4
Chicken, USD 5.6
Fasten your seatbelts, and we’ll take off on global-problem healing and management! (a comment that also received thousands of ‘Likes’)

  • “The public is on the verge of collapse” – Here in Iran we are suffering the most basic problems, like buying meat and chicken, and we are also trying to solve global problems? These are slogans purely for domestic use, because no-one in the world respects this rhetoric. The modern world is transparent - doesn’t he realize that the world knows we have a serious problem inside Iran? Five million Iranians live abroad, and they have families and friends inside Iran who they are in contact with, and they are surely well aware of inflation and the high cost of living that is crippling the public.

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