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US carrot-and-stick policy, at least as it pertains to Iran, will prove ineffective. US VP should not waste his time

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Jomhouri Eslami editorial titled, “Who Needs to Show Honesty?” maintains that US Vice President Joe Biden asked Iran to enter direct negotiations with the United States. Biden’s statements pertaining to direct negotiations with Iran earned a great deal of attention at the conference. Although he, too, accused Iran of attempting to obtain nuclear weapons in order to justify sanctions against Iran. What is noteworthy in Biden’s statements is that he said that if Iranian leaders demonstrate honesty, they can enter into direct negotiations with the US and resolve the issues. Note that his statements were made first and foremost to encourage Iran into enter direct negotiations with the US, but there is also a possibility that he is trying these means to lay the groundwork for indirect talks with the Iranian Foreign Minister behind the scenes at the Munich conference. In other words, Biden’s statements are Washington’s carrot in the stick-and-carrot policy against Iran, with sanctions being the stick. In these statements, US Vice President also accused Iranian officials of dishonesty. Regarding this matter, it should be noted that a lack of honesty is rather the main characteristic of American politicians, not only with Iran but in its foreign policies in general. They are known for this quality. Interestingly, when discussing Iran’s nuclear issues, in which Biden accused Iran of attempting to obtain nuclear weapons, American weapons warehouses, in violation of IAEA regulations, are filled with atomic bombs, not to mention the fact that the US was the first country to use atomic weapons against civilians of a different country. What occurred in Guantanamo, Abu Graib and other prisons in Europe left no respect for American politicians. Their invasion of such countries as Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam, their support of the military aggression of the Zionist regime against Syria and other black marks that reveal the inadequacy of American politicians, and with such a past, they cannot claim to be honest. In addition, the stick-and-carrot policy of the US, at least as it pertains to Iran, will not generate results and the American Vice President should not waste his time… If the Americans show honesty and abandon their interference, compensate the Iranian people and promise to not intervene in the future, Iran will never close the door to talks as they were previously conducted, these talks can also cover regional issues.

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  • Published: 7 days ago on Tuesday, 5 February 2013
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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