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“I wanted to address my letter to the wall, but I know the wall would crumble after hearing my plight”

Friday, 16 August 2013

Imprisoned student activist Majid Doori wrote from Karoun prison in Ahvaz following his illegal transfer there from Behbahan prison. Part of the letter reads : “Behbahan is a city where I spent three years of my life, without even seeing the city. I realized how much memories I have from this city, without having even walked its streets. How familiar are the people of this city, without having met them…During all this time, I wrote letters to everyone that I should have, asking for help in my case, it all fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. Perhaps they just pretend not to hear…Four plus years of my life have been wasted behind the walls of prison, but it is a wound never healed. …It erupts, fixed in time, friends gone, paths traveled… I decided to write a letter, addressed to no one. A letter to no one, not even to myself… When they (the regime) don’t hear, when they don’t understand, then, who should I write to, when they consider themselves as the center of the world and the criterion of justice. So selfish and egotistical they are, that they want everybody to become like them. Can they be more pretentious than this? Why did they not allow my defense attorney to present his case? Why did they, without proof, rule on a charge that the judge himself found baseless….” A member of the Right to Education Committee, Majid Doori was arrested in Ghazvin on July 9, 2009 and tried later that month without having a defense attorney present. Doori was sentenced to 11 years in prison plus exile to another city. The Appellate Court later overturned that sentence and sentenced him instead to 5 years in prison plus exile.

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    • http://www.kaleme.com/1392/05/23/klm-154752/; http://persianbanoo.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/majid-doori-i-wanted-to-address-my-letter-to-the-wall-but-i-know-the-wall-would-crumble-after-hearing-my-plight/

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