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Highlights from interview with Fereydoun Abbasi, Chairman of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency on National Day for Nuclear Technology April 9, in which he discusses Iran’s nuclear achievements in the past Persian year

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

In terms of power plants and research reactors:

  • This past summer, the Bushehr power plant reached maximum power of 1000 megawatts and following standard pilot runs, it is ready for temporary transfer to Iran. There is good cooperation between Iranian and Russian experts that can continue in the future.
  • Technical support of the Bushehr power plant and preparations for the planning and manufacturing of reactors with similar power. Acceleration of completion of planning of a 360 megawatt reactor using Iranian-made equipment. Operation of a research reactor in Arak next year, etc.
  • Preparation of peripheral equipment and conditions required to operate a 40 megawatt research reactor in a central province next year.
  • Modernization of the TRR research reactor in Tehran and continued benefits from it, planning of a light water reactor.
  • Creation of conditions for university involvement in planning and manufacturing state-of-the-art reactors.

Regarding fuel and material production:

  • Establishment of necessary reforms and completion of attempt to build fuel facilities based on reactor needs in Tehran.
  • Creation and construction of 155 fuel facilities… for research reactor in Khandab.
  • Creation of Uranium Oxide Ceramic fuel balls for the Kandab reactor in Arak.
  • Establishment of a manufacturing plant for materials required for the nuclear industry in Isfahan.
  • Continued benefit from uranium enrichment facilities, improvement of methods for creating parts and methods for generating benefits and continued production of uranium at enrichment of 3.5% and 20% at the scale required to operate the nuclear reactors.
  • Construction and installation of new-generation centrifuges in the number required to operate the uranium enrichment lines.
  • Continued research and construction of samples of new-generation centrifuges with high efficiency and lower expenses.

Extra-organizational activity

  • Reinforcement of ties with the IAEA more than in the past through professional work in Iran and participation of Iranian experts in the IAEA’s professional conferences.

New achievements-

  • Nuclear fuel cycle.
  • New discoveries of 6871 tons of uranium lead. Uranium explorations are continuing across Iran.
  • Production of uranium from Quarries 1 and 2 in Saghand.
  • Production and construction of 155 virtual fuel cells.



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