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Principlists failing to see the facts: Iranians say big no to Principlists; big yes to the reformists Rafsanjani, and Khatami

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sadeq Zibakalam, Tehran University professor and political analyst, in a commentary headlined “Principlists are Not Seeing the Facts” discusses comments reportedly made by some Principlist figures and Majlis members, threatening President-elect Rouhani over some possible candidates for his cabinet, and argues: “The threats are made because of (their) ignorance of one truth and bitter reality. The results of the June 14 2013 presidential election is a big no to the Principlists and their eight-year (poor) performance and a big yes to the reformists and (former presidents) Rafsanjani and Khatami. The 19 million votes for Rouhani were a big no to Principlists threats against the reformists.” Zibakalam adds that within that last four years, no opportunity was given to the reformists to defend themselves against what they were accused of. He says: “During these four years, only Ahmadinejad was being supported and Mr (Hussein) Shariatmadari in Kayhan daily kept repeating same words, which led to the belief that the reformists were the cause of the problems. The people, however, never believed these words. If the people believed that reformists Hashemi-Rafsanjani and Khatami were the root of the problems, 19 millions of them would have never voted for Rouhani. I believe that many of those who voted for (Ali-Akbar) Velayati, Mohsen Rezaei, and (Mohammad-Baqer) Qalibaf, did not believe that the reformists are seditionists, because if that was the case, they would have voted for Saeed Jalili.”

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