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The nuclear challenge took on an additional, important dimension following the wave of Islamic awakening in the Middle East

Thursday, 21 June 2012

In a Kayhan editorial titledm “If the West Reaches an Agreement, It Will Lose,” Mohammad Imani argues that the nuclear talks between Iran and the West are shrouded in mystery. Despite nine years of supervision by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to an extent unprecedented in other countries, with the agency’s cameras supervising on all Iranian nuclear facilities around the clock, and intelligence reports by the US and its allies acknowledging that Iran is not interested in building a nuclear bomb, no agreement has been reached. Given this reality, Kayhan wonders if atomic issues are the true agenda. The author stresses that it is important for us to understand that the West, “especially the imperialist triangle of the US, UK and international Zionism” controls passive Europe. He then attempts to understand the Western attitude towards the nuclear negotiations:

  • The West’s agreement with Iran, in accordance with legal procedures (of the IAEA), clearly means a loss for the West – From the perspective of the imperialist bloc, a win-win agreement is meaningless, and any understanding that officially recognizes Iran’s rights will be considered a failure. The West’s surrender to Iran and official acknowledgement of its right (to develop nuclear capability) would be not only a specific failure, but also a strategic message to both the Islamic peoples and the other oppressed peoples that the “result of remaining steadfast in the face of evil is victory.”
  • Both domestically and internationally, Iran presents a successful model of “progress dependent on risk and sacrifice” – This model includes courage, daring, energy and movement, self-confidence, debunking myths and exclusivity… It releases energy on the domestic and regional-international levels, to mount an offensive against the walls of Western ideological and cultural captivity. If the model of progress, accompanied by sacrifice and accepting risks, succeeds in meeting the nuclear challenge, “there is no reason it could not take on other challenges faced by the Iranians and other oppressed peoples opposing the West.” The West fears their burning, aggressive desire… They think they can hold Iran hostage, because of its need for 20% enriched nuclear fuel for the research reactor in Tehran and supply of medicine for a million patients, but Iran’s anonymous experts, like the martyr Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, embarrass the West and successfully produce 20% nuclear fuel. They threaten to bomb our facilities indiscriminately, while Iran’s winning expert set up underground facilities in Fordo, presenting that humiliating fact face-up on the table, so that the Zionists’ Prime Minister and Minister of Defense fume with anger until foam comes out of their mouths.
  • The emergence of opportunity for the demise of the Zionist regime– Even leaving aside the admission by the Deputy Prime Minister in the Zionist regime Moshe Ya’alon who said, “After the recent revolutions, US influence in the region is declining,” and if we also put aside Washington’s diminishing power, there is an important issue playing out simultaneously, the emergence of an opportunity for the death of the Zionist regime. It may be that we, and some other commentators, do not even realize how problematic the safety and stability of “the regime occupying Jerusalem” has become under the present conditions in the region. “If until yesterday, the Zionist regime faced pressure from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, today it has lost its main support in Egypt and is very concerned about Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, etc. The Zionists are experiencing an earthquake of nine on the Richter scale all around them. They see that these revolutions are continuations of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. If the nuclear challenge ends in Iran’s favor, new fuel will flow into the engine of revolutions in the region. It may also have a reverse effect and slow Iran down on several levels, reducing the rate of its progress. The Zionists erroneously believe that the nuclear challenge distracts Iranian statesmen from playing an important role in regional and world issues. The nuclear challenge is a symbol of Iran’s power. It must be promoted carefully, as the relevant officials are indeed doing. Despite this, care must be taken to ensure that Supreme Council for National Security and the IRGC do not devote all their time and energy solely to the nuclear issue. For example, 30% of the foreign policy apparatus’ attention could be used for atomic matters and the rest for other issues.
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