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Khatami and reformists are ‘corrupt on earth’ and should be disqualified by GC; GC: No one can make judgments on our behalf

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hossein Shariatmadari, Keyhan‘s Editor-in-Chief and Khamenei’s representative to Keyhan (Khamenei’s mouthpiece) slammed former President Mohammad Khatami, calling him (and other reformists) a fifth column in the hands of  the US, UK and Israel. He argued that “corrupt on earth” (in the Islamic system a person can be sentenced to death if convicted of being corrupt on earth) and “traitor” are the clearest words to describe them… announcing their candidacy for the presidency … was clearly initiated by elements outside Iran….  Is not the chant “neither Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I will give my life for Iran” a desire of the Zionist regime (Israel) against International Quds Day?” Shariatmadari concluded by saying, “The leaders and agents of the sedition are not only not endowed with the minimum prerequisites for the most insignificant positions, but should expect to be tried and punished.” He added that the Guardian Council (GC) would definitely bar him if he registered his presidential candidacy. “The seditionists (opposition supporters) and the deviant current (Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei and other close Ahmadinejad aides), which are intertwined these days, should have no doubt that they will be disqualified in the upcoming elections.” Mohsen Esmaeeili, a jurist member of the 12-man Guardian Council (screening potential presidential candidates) reacted to Shariatmadari’s wild attack by saying, “No one can make judgments on behalf of the Guardian Council. The council will study the candidates’ suitability and qualifications after they register and it will announce its decision… Such speculation lacks any legal basis or influence on the Guardian Council and is inappropriate given the current political climate in Iran.”

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    • http://www.kayhan.ir/920209/2.htm#N200; http://tinyurl.com/bn43teb

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