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Iranian citizens protest outside Azerbaijan consulate in Tabriz requesting cancellation of gay parade; Tabriz Majlis member: Gay pride parade designed by the Zionists

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The protest outside Azerbaijan’s consulate concluded with the issuing of a public statement demanding an end to the “anti-Shiite policies of Baku government.” The statement objected to Baku’s move to host the Eurovision song contest, as well as the city’s planned gay pride parade. It also noted,among other things

the Azerbaijani government’s explicit and implicit attempts to ban the playing of Azan (call to prayers) from mosques, which have not been successful so far, damage to a number of mosques, the banning of Islamic Hijab in high schools and the arrest of more than 100 dissidents protesting against anti-Islamic policies

The statement called on Azeri President Ilham Aliyev to halt the Eurovision contest and the gay pride parade, free prisoners of conscience such as the chairman of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan Movsum Samadov, and end relations with Israel. The statement warned that failure to stop the parade would raise the “uncontrollable fury” of the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran. Mohammad Esma’il Saeedi, Majlis member from Tabriz, condemned the Baku government for spreading immoralities. He also called on the Azeri government to review its ties with the “Zionist regime” (Israel) and to avoid harboring the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO). He added that Azerbaijan has turned into the “Zionist regime’s base,” and the gay pride parade was designed by the Zionists to waste the wealth of the oppressed people of Azerbaijan. Saeedi added that Baku’s government should be answerable for the recent “Zionist regime’s suspicious visits to Azerbaijan.”

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