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Kayhan editor bitterly attacks Iranian foreign policy, contacts with the United States, results of the nuclear agreement and dishonor of the Iranian people by Rouhani and his government

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A blunt editorial by Kayhan’s Editor-in-Chief Hossein Shariatmadari, which generally reflects the opinions of Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Helpless with Long Tongues” ahead of the last rounds of nuclear talks and several weeks prior to the Iranian president’s trip to New York, there has been talk by some calling for reforms and the same community of eight genuine or fake supporters of the new government (Rouhani government) has begun, and within a short time, verbal and oral discussions have taken place that the hostility and confrontation that has existed for the past three decades between Iran and the US were not disconnected from Iran’s erroneous policies! Because our foreign policy and extreme actions are what led the US and its allies to distrust and show hostility towards Iran! The same current that did not ask any questions in the 16 years of reformist regimes (Rafsanjani and Khatami), attributed to the Ahmadinejad regime all of  Iran’s erroneous and immature policies, although  Ahmadinejad, particularly during his second term in office, was optimistic regarding the US, much like Rafsanjani, Khatami and Rouhani. Without openly stating anything, this current rules out an intelligent and realistic view of Khomeini in relation to the real nature of the US, the Great Satan. Khomeini’s position is deeply entrenched in the hearts of citizens and its accuracy has been proven many times over the past thirty-some odd years. One of the close supporters of Imam Khomeini, whom we hope will return to support that precious person, (Rafsanjani) even claims that Imam Khomeini would even agree to cancel the slogans of Death to the US!. As a result, all of the newspapers of the reformists and heads of the fitna (derogatory names for the post-June 2009 presidential elections protests) began shouting and claiming that distrust in the US is not permanent! In other words, a wrong and baseless picture! They bring as evidence the smiles of American officials! This circle began to roll faster with the trip of the honorable president to New York, and two inappropriate steps, his phone call with Obama and the meeting that went on longer than expected between our FM and John Kerry. Said newspapers began publishing headlines “Taboo on talks with the US broken!, etc. The negligence and inattention continued to the point where the government is required to remove signs off the streets that indicated US dishonesty, and even raise proposals ahead of 13 Aban (US Embassy Takeover day in Tehran that is characterized by shouts of Death to the US), to cancel the calls of Death to the US. In this type of atmosphere, and as a result of these preliminary messages that were sent to the US, the nuclear talks began in New York and later continued in Geneva, resulting in the Geneva agreement. The Agreement, in contrast with the initial claim, not of today, of dignified politicians who called it the deal of the century! Not only did they not register any achievements, even the minimal achievements for Iran, if the agreement is fully implemented, the accomplishments of the past decade that were spearheaded by the blood of Iran’s nuclear scientists, will have been wasted. Today, even those who claimed that Kayhan is wrong, understand the accuracy of its position. If this agreement, as we claimed but not today, would have been worded in favor of Iran, why does the rival negate everything we defined and knew to be Iran’s red lines and rely on the Geneva agreement?! Second, what kind of agreement is it that cause the rival to be extremely concerned about a possible violation by Iran? To the point where John Kerry claimed that if Iran would violate the agreement, the US would attack! While our dignified politicians and some of the Fitna leaders claimed that the Geneva Agreement prevented an American attack on Iran! This false impression of the Agreement occurred while the US took advantage of the leverage of the military option to force Iran to agree to the Geneva Agreement. Although Mr. Rouhani recently said, and somewhat too late, that we are not intimidated by treats, and Dr. Zarif added that we will not stop our nuclear activity for peaceful purposes, unfortunately, this American nerve is attributed to the submission and the optimistic messages of our honorable president and several politicians. One of many examples is that our honorable president, at the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, did not rule out the possibility of a re-opening of the US Embassy in Iran, thereby sending a message of friendship to American politicians! While doing this, John Kerry, at the peak of his impudence, said at the very same conference, that Iran would not be allowed to enrich and use the heavy water reactor in Arak! And again at the same conference, Shimon Peres, “president of the Zionist regime (Israel) was given the Davos prize!. We expect the honorable president and government to draw the necessary conclusion from events that have taken place in recent months that the talks, interviews and any contact with the Americans, must be presented to the Iranian people in a dignified manner and from a position of real strength, which, unfortunately, did not happen. To date, they only presented a diluted weak image of powerful Iran. Despite having already seen and are seeing that the more we move back, or appear as if we are taking a step back, the more the enemy takes a step forward, and even dares to be rude and lie to Iran, something they hadn’t dared to do before.

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Tuesday, 28 January 2014
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