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Criticism of shamefully long lines in Iran for distribution of basket of goods that broadcasts weakness and supports the claims of Iran’s enemies

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Saeed Yasir Jabraeli, a doctor of political science, journalist and author, penned an editorial in Fars News titled “Iran’s Global Face Behind the Long Line for the Basket of Products” in which he wrote “Even a person who has experience in managing a company with a staff of 200 knows full well that a centralized distribution of goods or gifts to employees not only disrupts the routine and paralyzes the organization during distribution but also creates long lines behind the distribution desk and inevitable, uncontrollable ugly scenes. Perhaps for the employees of that company, the matter ends on that day but the memory will remain in the minds of outside viewers, harming the public image of that organization and its managers. The creation of similar conditions is tarnishing Iran’s public image in the international arena. The long lines of citizens caused by those same parties that planned the distribution of the basket of products that included some rice, chicken and eggs, created these sad scenes and a sense of humiliation. These scenes relayed a message to the international players that the author of this article is ashamed to describe. If this were an isolated and unusual case, it might be tolerated with the excuse of poor management but the systematic and repeated broadcast of these types of messages to the enemy requires us to take a close look at the matter. Under current circumstances in which the honorable government of Iran is negotiating with the enemy in order to prove that our nuclear activity is for peaceful purposes, despite its many weaknesses, the West not only does not demonstrate any weakness it constantly tries to demonstrate power beyond its actual strength. The military threat against Iran is the most primary demonstration of power that, though perceived as a satirical matter, in any case, Washington shows no signs of withdrawing from its intent to enforce the military option. The Americans know full well, and have stated on more than one occasion, that diplomacy does not operate in a vacuum and a nation’s success in the diplomatic arena depends on its power. It is only natural that they exaggerate their demonstration of power. On our part, in an unrealistic manner, we constantly relay weakness and present our country as weaker than it really is! If the US speaks about economic sanctions, there are some among us who claim that the “Treasury is Empty”, even if the enemy threatens military action, the honorable FM Mr. Zarif, in statements that are far from the truth, say that if the US wants, it can within 10 minutes destroy all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. If the US claims that the effect of the sanctions is what brought Iran to the negotiating table, Iran’s executive branches is creating long lines of citizens waiting to receive rice and chicken, proving the enemies’ allegations!


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Tuesday, 4 February 2014
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