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Hajjarian advised Rouhani to politicize the crisis in Syrian and not make it a religious issue

Friday, 9 August 2013

Saeed Hajjarian, a prominent intellectual journalist and considered to be one of the leading theoreticians behind Iran’s reformist movement, gave an exceptional interview to reformist Bahar newspaper. Hajjarian maintained that Rouhani’s first mission after establishing his government is to mend fences with the neighboring states. He said that there is not enough time for Rouhani to prepare and attend the UN Nations General Assembly. “Therefore, instead of going to America, it would be best for him to go to Saudi Arabia and meet with their officials.” Regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria, he said that the situation there “has become so complex that the Islamic world has practically been split in half, to the point that a proxy war is taking place in Syria. Syria’s government is primarily Alawite.  (Shiite) Iran and Hezbollah support Assad, and Qatar’s, Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s support for Sunnis and Salafis has turned the fighting into a religious war, when the problem is inherently political, not religious.” Hajarian advised Rouhani to politicize the crisis, meaning that “when we are in touch with our neighbors such as Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, we have to show them that this is not a Shiite-Sunni war.” He called for a balanced foreign policy, away from global media headlines and criticized Ahmadinejad’s wild statements about “world management” and the Holocaust, adding that he prefers that Iran’s name not be mentioned in the world press for eight years. Hajjarian was shot in the face on the doorstep of Tehran’s city council in March 2000 by a regime assailant and was severely injured and paralyzed for life.

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