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Security forces acted with dignity and daring in their struggle against immodest and non-Islamic dress

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The head of Cultural and Societal Affairs in the IRGC commented on the recent actions taken by the internal security forces against what he termed “ugly social phenomena.” He said that the security forces acted with dignity and daring in the fight against immodest and non-Islamic dress, in accordance with their religious and ideological commitments. He praised the security forces for the courageous steps they have taken in recent weeks to fight social and moral corruption, as well as what he called the organized efforts by foreign and local agents to disseminate symbols of immodesty and corruption. He claims that this is a campaign with clear goals and plans to destroy Iranian culture, which involves both foreign aid and internal factors, sometimes operating in “mafias.” He said that it is first necessary to fix the appearance of society, then security officials will follow the “hidden hands.” Although he admitted that it is essential to treat the roots and cultural sources of the problem, this does not preclude the need for a decisive fight against indecency. These comments were made following the extensive operation to enforce the dress code at several cultural events in Tehran, including an opera concert at Milad Tower concert and other concerts in the Tehran Convention Center.

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