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Statements made by the Supreme Leader’s representative to IRGC regarding engineering of elections will play into Iran’s enemy’s hands, which will claim that Iranian elections are for protocol only

Monday, 14 January 2013

An editorial by Mohammad Hossein Hidari that analyzes statements of Saeedi ” logical engineering of the elections” as part of the IRGC’s roles. The editorial maintains that there seem to be an endless series of sensational and pecular statements made by Saeedi. Two weeks ago, in an interview with Etemaad (a reformist paper that referred to Kayhan editor Shariatamdari as corrupt and mercenary), Saeedi made an incisive, insulting statement against the President, accusing him of misundertanding and doubting religious issues in an attempt to take control of the next government, etc. Unfortunately, insulting and attacking the President have recently become routine, but Saeedi’s latest statements to ISNA (engineering of the elections…) are even more regrettable. In a surprising and astonishing interview that requires very careful attention by the government leaders, Saeedi claims that the role of the IRGC is to “logically engineer the elections!” Absurdly, he rejects, on the one hand, any IRGC intervention, but claims on the other hand that one of the IRGC’s roles is to engineer elections and set the framework and criteria. Mr. Saeedi must know that his clear confession of elections engineering by the IRGC is erroneous and several times worse than the errors of the media attributed to the IRGC that expressed support of any particular political stream in the Majlis elections! Is he not aware that this type of mistake will underlie the anti-revolutionary attacks by enemies of the Revolution, who claim that elections are a mere formality? It is important that Mr. Saeedi explain where in the Iranian constitution or in the instructions of Imam Khomeini does he understand that engineering of elections is part of the IRGC’s roles? Does he have another copy of the constitution that we are not familiar with? Or another copy of Imam Khomeini’s legacy that the public does not know? Is a public and clear defense by a senior military official of elections engineering not providing an excellent platform for anti-revolutionaries and fitna stream (the Green protest movement following the June 2009 presidential elections) to undermine public trust?

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  • Published: 2 days ago on Monday, 14 January 2013
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