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Khamenei: There will come a day when Islam serves as the shining example of material and spiritual progress in the world

Friday, 29 June 2012

Khamenei addressed the closing session of the 29thInternational Koran Competition. Key points: “In the past, whenever there was a social movement in an Islamic state, it was in line with the leftist, Marxist-socialist school of thought. Today, wherever such movements take place, they are in line with Islam… Today, the global hegemony (West) is a blood-thirsty enemy opposing Islamic movements. The United States and Zionism are standing strongly against these movements… The enemy is not sitting idle, letting the Muslim nations do whatever they wish as per Islam’s plans. They resist. The point is that the Koran has thought us that you will win through patience, resistance, standing steadfast and not changing your path… Once the Muslim nations believe this, they will overcome their enemies’ most complex military and intelligence equipment and facilities… Today the Islamic world needs this reflection. We, the Iranian nation, need this reflection too. We are proud of being the forerunner in raising the flag of the Koran and Islamic rule in this material world… For 33 years, they tried… but they (were) not able to bring the flag of Islam down in this country, and this country made more progress day after day. Today, the speed of scientific progress in Iran… There will come a day when Islam and Islamic communities serve as shining examples of material and spiritual progress in the world, so that the world will look at them and emulate them. This day will definitely arrive, and we will owe this to the blessings of the Koran.”

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