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Basij Commander: Reformist government’s passive position led US to call Iran part of the “axis of evil”; World nations will doubt our rationality if we compromise with the US in 2013 when it has hit the rock bottom of its career

Friday, 31 May 2013

Mohammad Reza Naqdi said, “While the US has demonstrated its hostility to Iranian cultural, political, scientific, and even sports fields and when the US is the biggest Satan, any retreat and compromise would be interpreted as submission and humiliation.” He went on to say that “lessons should be learned from the fate of countries like Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. After they compromised, not only did they abandon their national and moral ideals, but they humiliated themselves in social life, and lost their cultural identity and scientific wealth… Lessons should also be learned from how the US broke its promise in dealing with North Korean and Libyan nuclear issues… Whenever Iran retreated, the arrogance front progressed. The most telling example was during the reformist government, when the administration’s passive position led the US to call Iran the “axis of evil.” Naqdi said that US lies were also exposed when “Khatami’s government voluntary suspended uranium enrichment… Compromise under these circumstance of the Revolution, when it has inspired the awakening of nations and has brought a beam of hope to the hearts of the world people, would be a betrayal of the rights of freedom-seeking nations, and deserting them in the battle field… We fought and defeated the US when it were at the pinnacle of its power, but compromise with the US when it is grappling with its problems would not be justified. Compromise would be extreme foolishness… World nations would cast doubt on our rationality if we come to a compromise with the US of 2013 when it has hit rock bottom in its career, while we defeated it in 1979… When we were alone in the world, we resisted; now with abundance of supporters around the world, compromise would not be rational… The result of 35 years of resistance is honor and esteem.”

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Friday, 31 May 2013
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