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Acting IRGC commander mocks US military and political strength, warns of devastating Iranian cross-border response

Monday, 3 February 2014

In an interview broadcast live on Iranian television, Hossein Salami reviewed Iran’s military and defensive capabilities in honor of the thirty-five years since the Islamic revolution. Key points:

  • The Islamic revolution in Iran not only harmed US interest in the region but marked the introduction of a new phenomenon in the world and the establishment of a culture based on Islamic values worldwide. The US fears a recurrence of this revolution in other countries.
  • The region in which Islamic countries are situation has critical energy and geopolitical reserves. If the Islamic nations are unified, they can limit the breathing room of the West and the Us, which will leave air for breathing for the Zionist regime (Israel).
  • Discussing statements made by American officials about the military option against Iran, he clarified that in the diplomatic fight, each side has its own diplomatic logic and strength, to never use military terms. The American suffer from a weakness in diplomatic logic and political strength in the nuclear talks  that are taking place between Iran and the West and they are unable to impose their will on the other side. When faced with the strong political will and insistence, they have no choice but to use terms of force. Iran has exceptional, devastating and aggressive military capabilities, and we have the ability to endanger the interests of any degree of power but in diplomatic negotiations, we do not speak about our military capabilities.
  • The Americans have a foolish strategy and have no deep understanding of the powers in Iran. The Americans still don’t know how they should speak to the Iranian people, and their form of expression proves their lack of historical knowledge.
  • Our defensive capability and power structure have evolved in such as way as to not only protect Iran’s vital interests but also to limit the enemies’ vital interest on every level in the region. The US military option is nothing to us. They can use this option but they will assume responsibility fro the devastating repercussions.
  • The Americans are unable today to intervene even in a country like Syria.
  • We had to expand the scope of our intelligence supervision and control in strategic areas in such a manner as to allow us to penetrate into the heart of developments, capabilities, weaknesses and strengths, doctrines and operational tactics of the US.
  • The US can adopt various scenarios against Iran such as an aerial attack, missile attack and limited land strikes. All of these scenarios are familiar and we have examined all options. Our control of intelligence on all of these scenarios is absolute. We are familiar with the US’s military strategy, have examined it and formulated our capabilities. We identified the areas that would shock the US. All of the operational sites of the enemy in the region, on every level, location and scope are within our line of fire. We have absolute control over the enemy’s vital interests. Anyone who wishes to speak with our nation in threats or humiliation must know that we know no geographical boundary in our fight against them and we do not limit the scope of the confrontation to any border. We will strike them so that they fall apart from the inside.
  • The nuclear negotiating team (“The Nuclear Men” according to Salami) must recognize the fact that they are sitting against powers with glaring weaknesses and as such, we have no fear. We demand that our officials remain have faith, strength and ability to handle national interests. Iran’s military strength is exceptional, devastating and aggressive, and is a tremendous strength for our foreign policy and nuclear negotiating team.
  • The US has still not been acquitted by the Iranian people. The welcome of our officials should not mislead them. Friendly behavior is part of the Iranian nature but behind the positive behavior is a long recall of US crimes.
  • Islamic resistance such as in Palestine and Hezbollah constitutes an integral part of our belief and policies. We can not remain indifferent to suppressed Muslim. They are part of our vital interests and we will vehemently defend them. Anywhere a crime is committed against Muslims, we will stand by them.

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 3 February 2014
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