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Environmental quality problems and air pollution worsen in Iran. Rouhani government ministers noticeably absent

Thursday, 30 January 2014

In light of the worsening areas in environmental quality in Iran, a seminar was held attended by the  Chairman of the Environmental Protection Organization of Iran, deputy energy, oil and industry ministers as well as Iranian artists and environmental activists. Among the participants were Sadegh Ziba Kalam (senior analyst and lecturer at  Tehran University), and prominent Iranian artists. Mehlagha Malah, known as “the mother of environmental protection” in Iran discussed air pollution in Tehran, saying that in a city in which 1960 new cars are on the road, and  there are numerous polluting factories, clean air cannot be expected. This seminar, titled Blue Skies, included famous animation artist Noraldin Zarin Kaleb, who opened up the speech with a zing and proposed that officials install fans instead of communication and jamming towers, and to direct the polluted air out. Sharp criticism was also leveled at the absence of relevant ministers from the seminar, in contrast to promises made. Jurist Kambiz Norouzi said that the ministers who fail to address the importance of lives of citizens who die of air pollution are undeserving, and if this seminar had included the signing of contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, these ministers would undoubtedly be here. Film actress Ravia Timorian asked how would we talk to our children about blue skies when all what they want to do is shut the window and put on masks. We must tell our children about clean water and air so that in a few years time, it will become science fiction. Sadegh Ziba Kalam discussed an article in the Iranian constitution that states that environmental protection is a public duty, and said that the results of this law is that when fire broke out in the Gorgan forests, the public did not have a helicopter to help extinguish it. Despite the fact that there were several helicopters available to the IRC, the land forces and the intelligence ministry, not one used them to put out the forest fires. He proposed a media coup. Ziba Kalaem cynically stated that when we leave the seminar, we must tell everyone that  Lake Urmia is in the US because if it were there, it would become the main topic of discussion in the media, which has long since produced dozens of films about the drying out in the US, and this great disaster.


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Thursday, 30 January 2014
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