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Iran is subjected to “all out war”, cultural onslaught but is capable of launching its missiles to any part of the world and crushing US warships like “tin cans”

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

IRGC Basij commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi has implicitly criticized Rafsanjani for expressing concern regarding the existing economic pressures on Iran. “Today, certain individuals (Hashemi Rafsanjani) express concern over rising prices that have broken people’s backs. He also criticized Rafsanjani for having suggested engaging the US (while) “the reality is that negotiations with the US would only lead to the collapse of Iran’s economy.” He added that the West is conducting “an all-out war against Iran…Iran has captured a collection of US drones… a cultural onslaught…the US supports more than 120 Persian-language satellite channels to sow doubts on religious issues and to spread decadence by penetrating the hearts and minds of the youth under the name of mystics and Baha’ism. No nation has been ever subjected to such a cultural and media onslaught in history.” Naqdi also accused the West of smuggling drugs and alcoholic drinks to Iran as part of its cultural invasion and establishing various cultural institutes with the aim of carrying out “espionage missions.” “They send some lecturers to Iran to establish connections with our students and intellectuals” Naqdi also took pride in Iran’s advanced missile capabilities, saying that “During Iran-Iraq War, Iran was not capable of manufacturing military equipment and relied on faith and God. But today, I can tell you that we can launch our missiles to any part of the world.” Naqdi added that Iran’s missiles were capable of crushing US warships like “tin cans” and sinking them to the depths of the sea.

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  • Published: 141 days ago on Tuesday, 28 May 2013
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