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We must act step by step to protect nuclear activity; continued pressure can create problems for the West, which seeks regional stability

Monday, 24 June 2013

Several months before the elections, the President Elect, who was candidate at the time, issued several statements during a television interview that was rebroadcast:

  • Our nuclear activity is legal – and for peaceful purposes. We have not violated the NPT, and all of our activities are being carried out under the supervision of the IAEA. There were even surprise visits to our nuclear facilities.
  • Khamenei clarified that the nuclear bomb is forbidden – according to religious law. We must defend our right to nuclear activity and make an effort to gradually neutralize American plots. The US referred the nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council, and we must act step by step to protect our nuclear activity for peaceful purposes, while achieving the rights of the Iranian people through free economic activity.
  • The enemy wants to continue to pressure the nation – but the people have proven that it is continuing their economic and commercial activities despite the sanctions. However, a nation cannot continue to remain silent against the lack of law. Continued pressures can create problems for the West. They need a stable region, but my intention of course is not to create war.
  • Real negotiations – Instead of applying pressure, the West must move towards real and serious negotiations. The West must feel that a better solution exists than sanctions.
  • I do not agree to war with the US – War is not in anybody’s best interests. I do not believe that the US wants war at this time. During the Bush administration, the US wanted war, but now, the US knows what war can to do the region and even to the US. Now, maybe only the Zionists (Israel) want war. With regards to the US, a win-win solution is possible. If the US demonstrates honesty and fairness as well as a willingness to negotiate, an agreement can be reached. To date, we have not seen any gesture of good will on the part of the US.


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 24 June 2013
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