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Rouhani: I will fundamentally change foreign policy; I will not capitulate, but will avoid unnecessary confrontations

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

At an election rally at a Tabriz stadium, Rouhani declared that election day would be a decisive day for Iranians. Addressing those whom he accused of being guilty of economic pressure on the Iranian people, those who caused 3.5 million people to be unemployed and those who stirred up foreign pressure through their aggressive policies, he said to them, “Enough.” He added that a government that will provide hope and act wisely will not allow so many young people to be unemployed and will not let them turn to drugs because they lack any real joy for life. He promised that his government would build a cultural center for the Azeri language and culture. He also promised to bring about fundamental change in foreign policy. In this context, he added that he was not a person who would give in to foreigners, but was also not one to take reciprocal measures and seek unnecessary challenges, and he would be advocating negotiations with the world in his foreign policy. Referring to the political platform of his likely government, he promised to ensure a safe and free atmosphere at universities, to give equal social rights to women and ensure that women and girls are able to live in a safe environment. In other remarks, he criticized the Iranian Broadcasting Authority, accusing the IRIB of bias in reporting only some of his statements. In such circumstances, he is unable to convey his message correctly to the public, and he therefore called on the public to convey his message by word of mouth. He stressed that his government will continue the line of Rafsanjani and Khatami’s governments. He added that the image of Rafsanjani has been tarnished over the last eight years, but on the day he registered his presidential candidacy there had been an outburst of joy among the Iranian public.

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