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Calls of “Death to the US” on Iranian Revolution Day prove that the Iranian people are not giving in to Western pressures

Friday, 5 April 2013

An editorial by Sadollah Zarei in Keyhan analyzes speeches made by the Supreme Leader in his Nowruz message and in Mashhad. According to the columnist, the conditions and achievements of the Islamic Revolution over the past three decades were lain down precisely, also determining the Revolution’s path in the coming years. His words, at the beginning of the Persian New Year, received considerable attention in both domestic and foreign circles. The Supreme Leader called the New Year a “Year of Political and Economic Epic.” The Political Epic refers directly to the upcoming presidential elections, speaking of the extensive and comprehensive participation of Iran’s citizens in the elections. All the mechanisms in the country must mobilize to realize this task, and act to increase the percentage of voter turnout. The Economic Epic refers in a very meaningful way to the elections and the “elected government,” and also to the “restrictions imposed by the enemy in the form of sanctions etc. against the Iranian people.” Accordingly, the public must choose a government that will be able to move towards an “economic epic” and be committed in practice to this matter. In the outgoing year, the enemy tried to subdue the Iranian public by applying severe pressures. But the massive public participation in the Revolution Victory Day demonstration proved yet again that “the Iranian people are wise and steadfast in the face of the enemy’s conspiracies.” As for the Supreme Leader’s reference to the “negotiations with the US,” Zarei writes that the issue of negotiations has recently been raised as a strategy designed to subdue the Iranian people, and since those inside Iran are fully aware of this, the White House’s Farsi spokesperson commented on the Supreme Leader’s speech in Mashhad by saying that the US is not attempting to overthrow Iran. The truth is, however, that the US has always tried to overthrow the Iranian people and government and there are thousands of documents and pieces of evidence to prove this, including the sanctions. The second truth is that, until now, the US has been completely unsuccessful in overcoming the Iranian regime and there are thousands of pieces of evidence to prove this, the strongest being the participation of tens of millions in the Islamic Revolution Day [22 Bahman] demonstration, all chanting “Death to the US.”


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  • Published: 105 days ago on Friday, 5 April 2013
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