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Third and final debate between candidates exposes nuclear secrets and suppression of students during riots

Monday, 10 June 2013

The nuclear discussion in this debate moved in directions in which many secrets were revealed. When the nuclear issue arose, several walls the generally separate conservative and reformist discourse in this area fell, and veteran diplomats stood together and there was a consensus between Rouhani and Velayati to the point where Velayati relied on statements made by Rouhani and even addressed his participation in some of the joint meetings. This last debate, however, was not a good day for some of the candidates, including Qalibaf. During the debate, Qalibaf discussed events at Tehran University after the previous elections, discussed the arrangements and preparations for managing the conflicts at that time and criticized Rouhani for not allowing students to demonstrate. Rouhani emphasized that there are many things that cannot be made public in a debate and summarized in one brief sentence that he directed the Tehran Mayor, “Do not forget that if we would have allowed the students, you would have restrained them with tear gas.” With regards to the nuclear discussion, Qalibaf criticized Rouhani and Velayati, and in some cases, supported Jalili. Velayati himself served as the Supreme Leader’s advisor on international affairs and discussed secrets and confidential issues from the nuclear portfolio with the West, such as (French President) Sarkozi’s invitation that evaporated according to him by some of those responsible despite the positive achievements that were gained for a nuclear Iran. The debate further exposed the existing rift in the conservative front, while revealing an alliance and unity between Hadad Adel and Jalili to the point of an exchange of notes between them during the debate. The candidates closest to the reformist discourse maintained a united front that was close to the reformist platform. Aref said, for example, that several days ago he visited a bazaar and heard young people calling out to Aref and to Khatami. He added that these young people were arrested, but released at the request of Aref. He also revealed that his host in Tabriz was arrested for several weeks. Aref also spoke about the censorship of the photos from the ceremony in which several young people held a photo of Aref, Khatami and Saeed Hassan Khomeini.


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 10 June 2013
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