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Rouhani: critics of the nuclear agreement “uneducated”; Majlis protests statement and criticizes Foreign Minister for reportedly saying that the Holocaust did occur and recognized Israel, intend to summon him for a hearing

Thursday, 6 February 2014

President Hassan Rouhani criticized the critics of the Geneva agreement, calling them people of “limited intelligence”. “Is it that only a small group, which is being fed from a special place, should be talking? They are talking and criticizing, and there is no problem. Why is it that an illiterate group is talking and why are our university professors speaking privately and not having their say?” He called on lecturers and academicians to display courage in this matter. Several Majlis representatives submitted a written memo that criticized President Rouhani for calling opponents of the Geneva Agreement illiterate. In addition, several written memos that criticized the manner in which the basket of goods were distributed causing long lines for citizens were also delivered. Another memo was delivered against the FM for adopting an ambiguous stance with regards to the occupying Israeli regime and “confirmation of the Holocaust.”  Majlis member  Aqamohammadi  has said that “Zarif’s stance on the Zionist regime (Israel)  is against our principles….Zarif’s stance regarding the Zionist regime (saying)  that Palestinian people should make their own decision about their future is contrary to our principles.” A number of Majlis members are gathering signatures for a motion to question Zarif on his recent remarks. Qasem Jafari said that “these remarks are against the principles of Iran’s Islamic system. Because Imam Khomeini  called the Zionist regime (Isreal)  a cancerous tumor, and the Supreme Leader [Khamenei] calls it a bastard, and our Islamic system has paid a big price so far with its refusal to recognize this regime.” Ja’fari said that “The Foreign Minister’s actions have led to the Majlis members decision to question him, even though they had tried to avoid this stage before. Therefore, they will sign the motion to submit it to the presidium.” Earlier, the Majlis members had intended to question Zarif for refusing to publish the full text of Geneva deal before, but the Majlis Speaker opposed the plan and thus the question plan was procrastinated. On February 3, Zarif has categorically denied the remarks attributed to him by foreign news channels.image014


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Thursday, 6 February 2014
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