International Affairs

Former Intelligence Minister: “Closing SWIFT to Iran is “like closing international waterways”

Leader’s Adviser for International Affairs: West seeking to weaken anti-Zionist resistance in region

FM: Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will result in its destruction

Former IRGC commander: “Iran has many ways to protect Syria;” the Mossad killed my son for revenge

Iran dispatched second large batch of humanitarian aid to Syria

Commander of the Basij invites US to attack Iran and see how they will be removed from the annals of history forever

Foreign Ministry summoned Azeri ambassador to protest arrest of alleged terrorists

Assembly of Experts member: Leaders of Azerbaijan should learn a lesson from the fall of Mubarak and Gaddafi


Military Affairs

Cyberspace Council: Key Internet policy-making body met for the first time

Navy Commander: IRIN established a presence in the backyard of arrogant powers, the Mediterranean Sea

Head of IRGC Public Relations Department: Iran’s battle with the West in terms of “media and psychological warfare” has reached its “peak”


Economic Affairs

Iran close to completing purchase of 220,000 tons of wheat from American exporters despite sanctions

Wealthy Iranians withdrawing their savings from Iranian banks


Human Rights

Health of imprisoned investigative journalist deteriorates

Persecution of minorities continues

Christian sentenced to six years in prison and ninety lashings

Women’s rights and environmental activist sentenced to 91 days in jail


Domestic Affairs

Ansar Hezbollah rally outside the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to protest the approval of two films

Majlis pursuing motion to impeach Minister of Labor and Social Security for appointing former Tehran prosecutor as Managing Director of the Social Welfare Organization

Second round of 9th Majlis elections on May 4

Senior political analyst: Capabilities and political shrewdness are “recognized by everyone, including his strongest critics”

LEF Anti-Narcotics Squad Commander lashed out against the West for its lack of action in minimizing the harm done by drug production and trafficking


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